Mantic Games Releases Information on Halo: Flashpoint

Set of Spartans from Halo Flashpoint

I’ve a lot of thoughts and feeling about where this game can go. For me Mantic Games have always excelled in the battle mechanics, from their Dungeon Crawlers to their Sea Faring Armada games. One of the the things that I’ve always seen as a challenge is that every time they release a system, it gets compared to whatever GW have sitting on their shelf and then marked accordingly. what’s exciting about the Halo Universe is that it has a huge established fan base and also the Venn diagram for those who like Halo and those who have dabbled in miniature games is a definite overlap. This looks like it could be a game like the Dark Souls series where the fans buy the game just for the minis. The video and press release is below. I’m very interested in seeing how this can play on the table. 


Nottingham, England and Redmond, WA; March 22, 2024 – goes live as
Mantic Games reveals TWO starter sets for Halo: Flashpoint, the highly-anticipated new
tactical miniatures game launching in Fall 2024.


The year is 2560. Humanity was forced to the brink of extinction by the alien alliance known
as the Covenant, and even in victory many of our worlds were glassed and left in ruins. From
the ashes of the Covenant War a new generation of super-soldiers has been trained in War
Games simulations, pitting Spartan Fireteams against an almost infinite combination of
potential threats – including other Spartans.
Halo: Flashpoint is the tactical miniatures game for two players. Begin your journey in the
War Games combat arena as a Spartan Fireteam commander, bringing a range of classic
Halo weapons and game modes to life on your tabletop. Discover an exciting game that is
easy to learn, challenging to master, and rewards cool thinking under fire!


Want to bring your favourite Halo game modes from the screen to the tabletop? Halo:
Flashpoint includes Slayer, Oddball, Capture the Flag and more! Combined with Energy
Shields, respawn points and ingenious game mechanics, it creates a tactical miniatures
game that is exciting, slick, and authentically models the moment-to-moment action of Halo
Halo: Flashpoint is played on a 60cm x 60cm (24in x 24in) map that is divided into a grid. –
allowing the game to be played in three dimensions using cubes. This system is used for
movement, shooting and more – with no need for tape measures when commanding your
When rolling to take an action, players always roll three dice against the relevant stat on the
figure’s card. If you have set up an advantageous situation, such as firing from an elevated
position, you will simply add extra dice when rolling to shoot – rather than needing to
modify your results.
You can stack situations to your advantage – though things can get unpredictable in the heat
of battle and one bold, surprising move can sometimes be enough to turn the tide. The

game is played with D8 dice and simulates these unpredictable moments with the
‘Headshots’ mechanic. If you roll an eight, you roll an extra dice. Roll another eight, and the
chain continues, usually to cheers from onlookers!
These much-loved and proven mechanics are refined and customised from the Mantic fan-
favourite sci-fi skirmish game, Deadzone, and are now evolving the genre yet again in Halo: