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And so we scratch our heads once again, in vain.
As we try to recall or remember what that item was.
Neurons fire and flicker and our eyes dart back and forth 
as though we are watching a tennis match. 
Over those shapes of card that look like brains.
Those five challenges that mock our gaze.
As we scratch our heads once again in vain, 
while the objects that we thought we had grasped 
in our minds eye escape us once again. I gasp 
in frustration. Was it a bath? A watch? An Aubergine? 
Some pills maybe? A car? A Key? I can’t recall. 
And all the while the hiss goes on as torturous time 
forces us to make speedy guess which in turn morph 
into speedy messes. It was cake. I’m sure it was cake.
The sand falls as it does like a small impending storm.
As we scratch our heads once again in vain
while the vein in our heads throb and pulse, that vein. 
Was it rain? And the brain like card is turned over and 
we laugh and moo because it turns out it was a coo. 
There is a sigh, and a lowing as I inwardly curse
the cells in my head that refuse to connect to knowing. 
And then the memory work makes us work as another 
tiny brain is added to the end of the row.
And in ourselves the hopeful choice is made
And a single cell is placed above the next brain guess. 
And all the while we scratch our heads in vain
as we hope that this brain will spare us the pain, 
or at least the painful embarrassment of memory. 
If its one R or two? I’m bashful but determined and in
my head I go through the row in order trying to recall 
what we were shown when the items were first shown. 
The cell above the brain mocks us and guffaws 
as it sees the vein throbbing as our head is nodding 
trying to shake out the memory of what was there. 
It was the key. A Bath? If I don’t cry I’ll laugh. 
I make my choice and then a ceramic wonder is revealed 
and my brain does a victory lap as I squealed, 
and claimed the cell for my own and then
another burden added to the row, shown and then hidden. 
We start again but this time I decide where to place 
the cell in the hope there is a fall from grace or at least 
a tiny bead of sweat would make its way 
Down the furrow of a forgetful head.
But this time its not the cells of grey that let us down
but the timer filled with sand that slowly hisses that 
this game is done and time to count up and shout.
Those piles of cells that decide or deride, 
depending on the total after time has run out. 
And I lost by two points and I reflect as we 
deal out another game of Recollect..

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 This review is based on the final retail version of the game provided to us by the designer and publisher. We were not paid for this review. We give a general overview of the gameplay and so not all of the mechanical aspects of the game may be mentioned. It’s all in rhyme. Pay attention as there may be questions at the end..
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