Uchibacoya Announces Crowdfunding Start for Latest Board Game “Ostia Pirates”

Pirates Front Cover- Kickstarter Boardgame art

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember seeing the main base game “Ostia” the first time around but oh my days with the artwork alone, I would quite happily dip my toes in the water and paddle. Interested to see how it plays and very interested to see how a Japanese published game offers the Euro style theme. Ostia Pirates is currently on Kickstarter and there is a link below that you can check out. That art is rather divine which piques my interest.


Uchibacoya Announces Crowdfunding Start for Latest Board Game “Ostia Pirates” on February 27th at 7 AM ET

FUKUOKA, Japan, February 22, 2024

“Ostia Pirates,” the latest release from Japanese board game publisher Uchibacoya, is an expansion to the acclaimed “Ostia” set in the ancient Roman port. This captivating game, designed for 2 to 4 players, positions players as fleet owners who must navigate the turbulent waters where piracy threatens and trade beckons. With the introduction of riveting challenges and a bounty of briny-fresh elements to enjoy, the Ostia Pirates expansion delivers a compelling new strategic experience.

“Ostia,” a medium-weight Euro game inspired by Trajan, employs the Mancala mechanism for action selection. Players earn victory points through a variety of endeavors including ship movement, construction projects, shipbuilding, and provisions for citizens. 

In “Ostia Pirates,” players face new major obstacles, including the looming threat of pirate ships. By tactically gathering weapons and soldiers, they can defend their ventures and collect treasure. “Ostia Pirates” enhances the original “Ostia” game with four novel elements: Pirates, Trajan’s Market, Patrons & Origins, and the Ostia Cityscape, each adding nuanced layers of strategy and player interaction.

Boasting luxurious components like intricately printed wooden pirate ships, treasure chests, and soldiers, “Ostia Pirates” offers an unparalleled board gaming experience. This expansion, also rooted in the Mancala system, enriches the original game’s trading and route-building mechanics, making every decision crucial in the quest for success and survival amidst the perilous seas.

About Uchibacoya:

Renowned for titles like “Aqua Garden” and “Amalfi,” Uchibacoya stands as a leading publisher of Euro-style board games in Japan, now expanding its reach worldwide.

Uchibacoya’s CEO Junpei Tanaka, an avid gamer who plays over 1,000 games annually and leads the development of immersive, strategic games for adults. Since its establishment in 2019, Uchibacoya has published 12 titles internationally, with supporters exceeding 10,000 worldwide. “Ostia Pirates” is poised to be another successful chapter in their growing legacy.

To learn more about “Ostia Pirates,” visit the Kickstarter campaign page: