Osprey Games presents a brand-new game – War Story: Occupied France

Osprey Games presents a brand-new game – War Story: Occupied France

You know how much I like some David Thompson action and to know he’s involved in something new and exciting, well, colour we interested. Dave Neale from Unlock? Colour me intrigued. Colour me very interested indeed. Main press release below. I’m thinking clues and puzzles and code breaking, secret messages and potential movement mechanics? Who knows? All I know is that I’ll be paying special close attention to this one..




THE MISSION: Distribute valuable information of innovative new release from award-winning designers Dave Neale (Sherlock Holmes Consulting DetectiveUnlock!: Legendary Adventures) & David Thompson (Undaunted: StalingradGeneral Orders: World War II), with bold new art from the critically acclaimed Kwanchai Moriya (Cryptid, Apiary). Ensure no civilian is left in the dark about War Story: Occupied France.

 5th January 2024, 2PM UK Time.

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RELEASE DATE: October 2024

“A choose-your-own-adventure board game set in World War II occupied France,
capturing the stakes and tension of espionage and resistance warfare.”

Darkness covers your approach as you alight on the riverbank. Swiftly, you hide the boat and shoulder your gear. The mission is clear: capture or kill your target; rendezvous at the extraction point; get out. You have two days. Nodding to your team, you set off toward the glowing lights of Vaillant.

War Story: Occupied France is a cooperative narrative game for one to six players. Your team of covert operatives is all that stands between the infamous German officer Erich Leichenberg and the systematic destruction of French Resistance forces in Morette. Through three replayable story missions, you must exploit the specialties of your chosen agents to uncover information, enlist allies, and obtain weaponry. Engage occupying forces on tactical encounter maps, where careless positioning could cost your agents’ lives. Remember, no plan survives contact with the enemy. And time is running out.

Number of Players: 1-6
Ages: 14+
Time: 45-60 minutes
Components: 1 rulebook, 3 mission books, 80+ cards, 90+ tokens


Public demonstrations available at Spiel, Essen. Find out more at www.ospreygames.co.uk.