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Blast off into a world of anime, comics, and the challenging but exciting journey of adaptation in this exhilarating episode of “We’re Not Wizards”. Join hosts Richard, Luke, and guest Seppy as they share a delightful blend of nerdy banter, robust debates about favourite animes, and slices of real-life humour that is sure to engage listeners.

Starting with a hilarious exchange on ‘mature content,’ the conversation progresses to an in-depth discussion exploring the hit show “One Piece”. Meander through their lively chat on the infectious enthusiasm of famous anime series while appreciating the delicate balance they strike between addressing serious issues and infusing an air of fun.

Touching upon the transition from anime to live-action adaptations, the hosts provide a unique perspective, reflecting upon popular series like ‘Invincible’ and ‘The Boys’. The episode also offers an engaging discussion about classic animation shows such as Ulysses 31 and Transformers. Experience the nostalgia and explore the desire for contemporary adaptations of these beloved classics.

Highlighting the nuances of comic book adaptations, the hosts explore their evolution over time and their impactful role in popular culture. Engage in the discussion on well-known graphic novels like Chainsaw Man and Demon Slayer, and envision their journey to live-action. Experience the charm of dissecting cultural sensitivities, character development, and narrative shifts in the realm of comic book adaptations!

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