Shadowrun Takedown Coming to Kickstarter

Shadowrun takedown main screen

You can check out the campaign by clicking on the link below.

Shadowrun was famous for having lots of tables, stats and dice when I last looked on it, so here’s the latest version coming to Kickstarter very soon. 


You are a runner, hired to do the dirty work the huge
corps don’t want on their payroll. Uncover the malicious
plots of those money-hungry megacorps in this
dangerous, intricate cyberpunk setting.
(2-4 Players, Cooperative, 60 Minutes, Ages 14+)

In the Shadowrun: Takedown board game, you and your friends assume the roles of runners, serving as mercenaries and
deniable assets for powerful megacorporations. The corps have hired you and your crew to handle the covert tasks they prefer not to have on their official payroll. Engage in these campaign missions, survive, and strive to achieve legendary status
in the streets.
• A collection of approximately 15 separate missions, designed to be enjoyed either as standalone missions or as part
of a intertwined campaign.
• Enthralling gameplay mechanics that fully immerse you in the thrilling experience of playing as a hired mercenary
on the gritty streets, battling for your slice of the profits.
• An engaging dice-management system that provides incentives for players who skilfully allocate their resources
towards optimal actions.
• The Mastermind, a distinctive role that supports the team in exclusive ways, leveraging their unique abilities while
seeing what others can’t.
• Varieties of balanced character and gear advancements, enabling characters to evolve throughout a progressively
challenging campaign.
• Alarm systems and formidable adversaries that will constantly challenge both stealthy and aggressive players, keeping
them alert and on their guard.
• With two sets of Shadowrun: Takedown, players can go head-to-head against other runner teams.

Players select their roles and runner boards, each providing unique stats that influence the gameplay for each character.
This game introduces the Mastermind role, a solitary position that supports the team in exclusive ways but cannot physically
participate. The Mastermind can grant special bonuses to players during missions, along with their own role-specific benefits.
Each player has the opportunity to acquire specialized gear and upgrades to enhance their abilities. While gear can be
exchanged among players if it suits someone else better, technological improvements and specialized training upgrades are
restricted. The game offers a range of balanced character and gear advancements, allowing characters to develop over the
course of a progressively challenging campaign.
Shadowrun: Takedown includes a detailed set of six individual missions, designed to be played as standalone scenarios or
as a complete campaign in chronological order. Playing through the campaign reveals the story of corrupt megacorps and
their nefarious plans, which only you and your team can thwart by growing stronger and confronting them directly.
Victory in battles depends not only on gear but also on strategic dice usage. Knowing how many dice to employ in various
interactions is crucial for runners aiming to succeed. Efficiently manage this resource to steal supplies, disable defenses,
eliminate enemies, and survive to share your exploits.
Players will also need to evade alarm systems and navigate dangerous adversaries, requiring both stealth and aggression.
Stay out of their sight, quietly neutralize security systems, or prepare for intense combat against corporate soldiers.
Employ every tool at your disposal to accomplish your objectives and expose the dark secrets concealed by these megacorporations.