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Fir aw the times yi hope yi end up gieing the chance tae look at summin braw and special and summit that the high heid yins are aw spraffing aboot, thurs aways the chaunce yi sit there thinkin, am a gieing it laldy here coz I am gettin tae ploy it? Sometimes yir better waitin until aw cont hiz calmed doon, and yi dinnae feel like some wydo is sitting aun yir shouldoor, checkin yir watch fir ya, and tutting like a radge. 

Tiny Toon fae Alderac wiz such a game. In the past yi couldnae move fir sumwan chattin aboot it, stickin it oan lists and Twitching all oer tha innernet. Like, it wiz so gid tha it even wun tha top prize at Origins. Tha probbly ment tha heid bummer, Mr McPherson wiz toap man fir five minits in his hoose, so he goat the remote fir the telly, and was given the extra crunchy bit off the fish supper oan friday. 

Tiny Toons is aboot wid an bricks an glass and stoan, and yir aw like the heid man makin the calls, tellin fowk wit tae build wi an they aw need tae follow yir lead. The clever hing is tha once yi pit yir stuff doon a certain way oan the board, yi swap it oot fir a swanky pad o yir choosin, like a pub, or the kirk or even a shed, if yir feeling fauncy. Trouble is, once yi put yir building doon, yi cannae use the square agin which is a bit o a pisser tae be honest. Sum o the places gi yi points there an then, which is minted. 

Sum like tha wee hooses need some scran in order tae score points. Some o the buildins dinnae come intae play until things are aw finishd, and sum jist gie yi points but stop yi fae takin jist anything yi want fi the pile o stuff. If yi really wan tae be cluvur, then yi can bring oan the monuments which shows yir a pure smart arse an ken how tae lord it over other pare buggers. But dinnae fash yirsel as it only goan an maks thing no the same. Aye-simmetric I think they cry it. Things are sound like, cos yi can pick it up win a couple o goes easy like when yir pissing aboot wi some wood. 

Its aw pure swanky as well wi loads a colours but yi dinnae get confused coz they did a crackin job o makin it look swish like. Even the bairns will be able tae crack oan withoot tae much hassle an yi can stick wi thon starter kerds afore yi dive in tae the mair complicated nonsense. Aye, there’s nowt better than when yi pick summin that has them o’er the table pure bealin coz they cannae use wit yiv stuck wi. Coz there’s so muny kerds, and such a choice then yi will ne’er really be stuck if yir playin agin an agin as there’s a muckle amount of combinations yi can hiv. 

Whut Tiny Toons dis well is tha its gid at dealin wi differnt folks based on if thur gid or pish. Even the bairns got it pretty sharpish an I was pure howlin watchin one o ma pals sit thur fir ages tryin tae figure oot whur wan bit o brick wiz goan be sittin. Sometimes yi get loads o points, an other times it aw doon tae wither yi lose based un whit yiv left on yir board. The swanky monuments are kind o cool wi oot yi feelin like its a case o fur coat nae knickers. Thurs also the Toon hall mode, which wisnae really fir me if am bein honest wi ya. Aye, yi can crack on yirsel, and it aw aboot scoring loads a points but whurs the fun in that if yir no allowed tae lord it o’er summon else? 

Aye Tiny Toons. Tiny Toons Tiny Toons Tiny Toons.. It’s wan o those things that just does whit it says oan the tin wi out comin o’er aw tryin tae be cliver, Yi get the feelin tha Peter had loads mair to show but like a guid player o knockoot whist, he kept his cerds close tae his chist an just ran wi the base stuff. The guid stuff tha works really well like. I can see why fowks went pure daft fir it noo. Look, stick it oan the table an git it played afore yi catch up wi yir programs and yir in for a rare treat aye. 

Yi can find oo stuff on yon computer by goin tae. https://www.alderac.com/tiny-towns/

Heid Bummer- Peter McPherson

 This review is aw aboot tha wan yi get fi the shops o tha game provided tae us by the clever clog tha made it an the smart wan tha sells it. We dinnae tak any cash fir sayin stuff. We gie a general chat aboot how it plays and so mibbae just talk aboot the main stuff an no evrything ken?

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