Tapestry main board image.

Tapestry Board Game First Impressions – Stonemaier Games

Four friends meet at a restaurant on a regular night out. This isn't one of those trough and self serve jobs. You know the one I mean, where if you go too late in the day, then it doesn't matter which section you select from, as every dish is cross contaminated with the other succulent meals on offer. This is fine dining, where the dishes are managed to within an inch of their lives. Nothing is reheated and everything is fresh. 
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Resident Evil Board Game Review – Steamforged Games

A warm worn out bobble sleeved cardigan. Those trainers than are so thin on the sole they are as smooth as glass. A day a page diary even though Asana, Trello and Netsuite sits looking at you from a screen. Familiarity bordering on comfort. Things that we know are there reliable and even though slightly flawed, aren't going to give us any terrible surprises.
the plot thickens card game laid out on a table

The Plot Thickens – Science Fiction Edition – Gift of Cardboard

The Plot Thickens is a improvised story telling game, where players will use story cards dealt to them in order to craft the perfect story and create a scene that will then play out over various rounds. This carries on until the players reach the last chapter, and the main character has the chance to finish off the story and decide how the whole tale will finish.