Tapestry main board image.

Tapestry Board Game First Impressions – Stonemaier Games

Four friends meet at a restaurant on a regular night out. This isn't one of those trough and self serve jobs. You know the one I mean, where if you go too late in the day, then it doesn't matter which section you select from, as every dish is cross contaminated with the other succulent meals on offer. This is fine dining, where the dishes are managed to within an inch of their lives. Nothing is reheated and everything is fresh. 
dawn card game box front

Dawn Card Game Review – Green Meadow Games

Dawn reminds me of a stripped down Dead of Winter but set the in lovely country scene. Every turn you'll be adding a card to your own little treasure trove that secretly decides your affiliation. Then you'll be playing resource cards in order to help pay towards buildings, handle threats or contribute towards the end game 'Great Buildings'.